Crawfish boils are a Louisiana Cajun tradition and can be found across Louisiana and the Gulf South. Locals traditionally eat crawfish, as well as crabs, without tools such as shell crackers or picks.

A boil is usually done in a large pot  fitted with a strainer and heated by propane. However, some traditionalists see no need for a strainer and make use of a net or a wire mesh scoop. Seasonings include cayenne pepper, hot sauce, salt, lemons, and bay leaf. Ears of corn, new potatoes, onions, and heads of garlic are usually included in crawfish boils.


A "Boil Master" is in charge of making sure the ingredients go into the pot in the proper sequence and controls the timing of the steps. There is no right or wrong when seasoning a crawfish boil and many experienced boilers simply go by feel although there are some guidelines to follow and a great deal of opinions on how a boiled crawfish should be seasoned.


The contents of the pot are removed, drained, and then dumped onto a newspaper covered table.  Bottles of hot sauce, lemons and melted butter are usually available.


Victorian Finance President, Sonny Bringol, is a Louisiana Cajun from the heart of the Bayou in New Orleans.  He came to Pittsburgh to further his education and fell in love with the city, where he has remained since 1998. As he made his home in the South Hills of Pittsburgh, he began to long for the seasoning and tastes of his hometown in New Orleans. He would often return home for his extensive family reunions each year and it occurred to him to bring a piece of New Orleans back with him.


He began hosting Crawfish Boils at his home and invited friends and colleagues to come experience the long standing tradition. The response from his Pittsburgh friends was tremendous. They suggested he make it an annual event and should invite many more folks to be able to experience a Crawfish Boil here. Sonny hosted several more events at his home - and they grew and grew - to 200+ attendees at last count. Sonny had to rethink how to proceed in order to keep the integrity of the crawfish and continue to do all of the cooking himself!